Software Development is a field with a lot of opportunities and an acute shortage of people to fill the vacancies.

The cost of training as a software developer is prohibitively high.

Below is a list of a few online resources to up-skill as a developer without breaking the bank.


YouTube is a great place to start,whenever you want to learn anything.

There are great channels to learn programming and all aspects of software development.Be it Web development,creating desktop applications,mobile applications.

2.Coursera is a great resource. You can learn anything from web development,data structures and data science,taught by great schools like Stanford,John Hopkins University . etc

3.Havard CS50

To master Computer Science concepts,I highly recommend CS50.The Harvard free course can be found on platforms like YouTube, Cousera and the course website at no charge.

Additional Resources

To keep the post within reasonable length,i will list a few resources worth checking out.I included code practicing sites as well.


2.Microsoft Virtual Academy

3.Stanford University • Free Online Courses and MOOCs

4 Open University


6.Hacker Earth

7.Code Academy

8.Code School



Feel free to suggest more links on the comments below.

Happy coding!